The Top 20 Online Publications for IoT News

Blog The Top 20 Online Publications for IoT News

Here are 20 websites (in no particular order) that you might want to follow as you pursue and refine your knowledge of the Internet of Things.


  1. Sensors Online

Sensors Online is the place to go to read about new sensors coming on the market and the sale of existing ones. These devices give manufacturers and others ideas how they can apply IoT to their operations.


  1. Tech Target IoT Agenda

Tech Target is one of the leading sites on the web writing IT tutorials, news, blog posts, and research. They have a dedicated IoT section.


  1. AdaFruit Blog

AdaFruit makes low cost sensors for IoT. Their blog is filled with information on new devices and announcements of IoT-related events.


  1. IoT World News

This site gives IoT industry news including what specific companies are doing.


  1. Krebs on Security, Fortinet, The Hacker News, Trendlabs, FireEye Zero Day Exploits,  Threat Post

Anyone working with IoT should keep up-to-date with cybersecurity news. These websites give technical details of recent zero-day defects as well as major hacking news.


  1. Shodan

Shodan is the Google search engine for IoT devices.  It gives a jaw-dropping insight into the security problems associated with systems that do not have proper security in place. Spend some time learning to use this search engine.  You will see PLC controllers, medical equipment, cameras, etc. with default passwords and known security flaws that have not been patched.


  1. IDG Connect

IDG Connect publishes CIO, ComputerWorld, etc. They regularly write articles on IoT.


  1. Apache Spark ML

In order to understand regression, classification, and supervised and unsupervised learning one can try to understand papers written by the academics. That is the hard way. An easier way is to study code samples on this website. It teaches the Apache Spark Machine Language programming framework. 


  1. ML Security Project

The application of machine learning to cybersecurity is natural and logical. But most systems do not do that even though it is better than what people use today. Turn your data scientists loose on this web site and see how they can fit their tools into your IoT and regular IT security infrastructure.


  1. Intel IoT

Intel does not have an IoT cloud. Instead, they build the Intel Edison computing cards used for IoT devices. Their site includes lots of videos, teaching materials, and industry specific use cases. They also work with IoT vendors like us at relayr to build kits and provide a list of sensors and related products on their site.

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  1. Eclipse

Eclipse is the de-facto tool for Java development. But it has been extended to many other languages as well, like Android. Their site discusses tools of interest to IoT developers and developers of all kinds. Recent articles include IoT Protocols, Kura, and Apache MyNewt.


  1. Cisco IoT

Cisco produces networking gear that supports the IoT. They have partnered with IoT vendors like us at relayr to roll out IoT solutions. Their web site is filled with use cases. What they make and sell are network gateways to connect IoT protocols to IP networks, like the internet.


  1. Arduino

Arduino is an opensource programming language for hardware devices. Intel uses it as a development environment for the Edison. This site teaches the language plus provides links to devices running Arduino. Arduino programming is made easier than traditional programming by using what they call Sketches to write code.


  1. KDNuggets and Kaggle

IoT is all about tactical and strategic planning and operations. Mining that information requires big data databases and data scientists who understand statistics, math, and machine learning.  KDNuggets and Kaggle are the go-to websites for that.


  1. Rockwell Automation

Decades old Rockwell Automation bought decades old Allen Bradley way back in 1985.  Both companies build factory automation devices. Those have already been connected to monitoring and control systems. What makes all of that different today is the cloud. The IoT section of their web site is filled with documents for IT developers and factory managers and planners alike.


  1. EU Smart Cities

Various cities around the EU, like Copenhagen, have come together to create data markets for IoT data, incubator programs for IoT startups, data standards to exchange data, and meeting places where vendors can present products to prospective clients.


  1. SmartHome

Home automation is taking off with IoT. It is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-adopt use case.  This web site is a market for IoT home automation products.


  1. TechRadar Pro

This publication publishes general IT news plus IoT articles like this on Industry 4.0.


  1. Raspberry Pi Forums

The Raspberry Pi started as a teaching tool to teach children to program.  But now it has surged into and one could argue pushed IoT ahead with their low cost computing cards. Their forum discusses everything from getting started with programming their cards to more advanced implementation topics.


  1. ARM IoT

Like Intel, ARM build processors for everything from wireless devices to cell phone CPUs. And like Intel, they see a huge potential in the IoT market. Their site gives use cases, and discusses SmartHomes, Wearables, and more.


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