Romain Huet demonstrating Twitter Drone at Apistrat Amsterdam

Rousseau to Drones – APIStrat in Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of attending the API Strategy and Practice Conference in Amsterdam last week.

3scale did an amazing job of organizing the whole event, and the main moderators Kin Lane, Mehdi Madjoui and Steve Willmott were great.

Because I was preparing for my own panel. I couldn’t attend all the sessions I wanted, but here were some of the highlights for me.

Best Performance: Romain Huet of Twitter

He performed a great piece of Showmanship using a Raspberry Pi running a tiny node service. The service listened for tweets to @twicopter and using the words “Take off”. This then launched a nodecopter and made it do a backflip. The code used wasn’t much more than connecting two “Hello World” demos together, but the effect was amazing.


Best Philosophizing: Mehdi Madjaoui of

Mehdi discussed taking leaps of faith and cited Rousseau and Spinoza whilst introducing his excellent attempt to define what “Open API” really means. In an attempt to create a new Social Contract for the API world he has launched an initiative, which I will be watching closely.


Best Story: Mike Amundsen of Layer 7

Mike wove an intricate tale of John von NeumannTheo Jansen, and John Conway, two mathematicians and an Artist. He examined how generative rule sets can pave the way for rethinking massive scale services.


Most interesting Technology

Hypermedia APIs were being discussed everywhere, as inevitably was IoT.

Most interesting Research: Michael Vakulenko of VisionMobile

If you are targeting App Developers as part of your marketing you absolutely must check out

Most interesting Open Projects:

Best Swag: A Raspberry Pi

I was also speaking on the IoT Panel conference together with Marc Pous of, Marco Herst or and Rob Zazueta of Mashery, we were enthusiastically moderated by Kirsten Hunter of 3Scale. We had a well attended session in the main hall, and a pretty good “fireside round” afterwards. Our enthusiasm for discussing didn’t leave much time for questions, unfortunately. I put a copy of my presentation on slideshare.

APIStrat was fantastic, and now it’s finally made it to Europe, I hope it will keep coming back.

 Source featured image: 3Scale

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