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We've put together a quick guide to get you started with our new, open-source Proto IoT Android app for fast Internet of Things protoyping.


When you first start the Proto IoT app you'll notice a list of graphs representing the readings of various sensors in your phone. Wiggling your phone will influence the Acceleration chart, shining a beam of light into your front camera will make the Light data points skyrocket, and your tapping will be seen as pulses on the Screen touch graph. Scroll through the list to see what else is there.



All the data seen in Proto IoT can be monitored remotely through the relayr Dashboard. To do this you first have to create a relayr Cloud account and log into it via the app.


Go to relayr's Documentation Center


Swipe to the app's middle tab and press Log in. A page will open in which you can create new relayr account or log in if you already have one. Read through our documentation if you need help with account creation.




After connecting Proto IoT to the relayr Cloud, you can monitor the readings at the relayr Dashboard from a device of your choosing. Moreover, through it you can control some of your phone's actuators (i.e. vibration sensor, speaker and flashlight).




To set up which data Proto IoT sends to the relayr Cloud, click on the gear icon next to the readings you would like to configure. There you can choose to keep some of the readings local and adjust the sampling rate.




Your wearable device can also be connected to Proto IoT and its sensor data monitored in a similar way as your phone's. To change between the readings you would like to see (of phone or wearable), click on the floating button in lower right corner of the app.



Finally, the app has the ability to create IFTTT (IF This Then That) like rules. Swipe to the app's third tab to set up a condition which triggers specific outcomes. For example, you could trigger your flashlight when Luminosity falls under a specific point.




In this introduction we only scratched the surface of the app's capabilities, and now it is up to you to explore and create your own prototype using our dashboard. We haven't even mentioned the best part yet: Proto IoT is open-source and the relayr Cloud is free to try out! If you're a developer, check out our RESTful API, connect any embedded device to our cloud and have it interact with your smartphone!




Go to relayr's Documentation Center