Introducing Proto IoT for Android

Blog Introducing Proto IoT for Android

Welcome to Proto IoT, an open-source Android app for fast Internet of Things prototyping.


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The Problem

The Internet of Things can be difficult to understand and execute as it requires knowledge of hardware, firmware, client- and backend-software. IoT developers are actively taking shortcuts to lower all these entry barriers; development boards, such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino, remove the hardware barrier at the prototyping stage. Creating the firmware for targeted sensors, however, is time consuming and error prone. An End-to-End connection is usually not even considered for the first iterations.

The Solution

Having experienced these problems first-hand, we decided to develop an open-source solution that cuts down tedious development time in the hardware/firmware prototyping stages. Proto IoT is a mobile application which enables your phone to become the hardware behind your IoT project. It gives you access to the phone’s sensors and it provides real-time data visualization, cloud connection, end-to-end delivery, and if-this-then-that rules and interactions. Additionally, a free developer dashboard monitors your IoT devices from any web browser.

Developing an IoT solution should be easier. Proto IoT is the fastest way to get started in the IoT world. Stop talking about the Internet of Things and start building your solution now!


Read our Proto IoT Guide for Smartphones