The Business of IoT

Top 5 IIOT Keynotes at Hannover Messe 2017

Hannover Messe is a behemoth in the trade show world - so how do you choose how to spend your time most wisely? We've done the work for you. These are the top five keynote speakers that we think you...Read more

Safety and the IoT: Chemical Tanks

For the purpose of this post, chemical tanks are tanks that hold chemicals for storage, transportation, mixing, processing, controlling, etc. They are made of a variety of materials and sizes,...Read more

OEE, IIoT, and Production lines: 3 Use Cases

How can the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) improve operational efficiencies on production lines in manufacturing? Let's look at saving time, quality control, and safety as use cases. ...Read more

Interoperability for a healthy ecosystem

The Internet of Things has a grand vision: a future where everything is connected. From city buses and power grids to home appliances and personal devices, all of our things will be able talk to each...Read more

Top 30 IoT Influencers of 2017

Want to keep up to date with the latest IoT news and discussions, and get interesting viewpoints and expert analysis on IoT developments? These are the people you need to follow!  We've split...Read more

How IoT Gives Insights Like Nothing Else

Data exists to help businesses strengthen their operations, coordinate with employees, and make important decisions. THE DANGERS OF DATA SILOS That’s why silos can be damaging. When data is placed in...Read more

The Top 20 Online Publications for IoT News

Here are 20 websites (in no particular order) that you might want to follow as you pursue and refine your knowledge of the Internet of Things.   Sensors Online Sensors Online is the place to go...Read more

Why the Time is Ripe for Training to Sell IoT Solutions

Change is appearing on the horizon…   For many years, man did business the “old fashioned way” – customers came in, searched for what they wanted, made their purchases and left. It was an...Read more

Process & Product Quality: IoT Lifetime & Wear-Out Monitoring

 Time and usage based models do not accurately predict the end of life (EOL) of a component or machine as well as physical monitoring because there are too many variables the model cannot...Read more

Approaching an IoT Solution for those New to the Field

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic, but still a very new concept to most engineers, developers, and business owners. If you’ve been wondering how you might benefit from the IoT, whether...Read more

Helping Sales Engineers and Account Managers Sell IoT Solutions

Account Managers and Sales Engineers in the technology industry are always on the lookout for the “next big thing.” Though nearly 20 years old, the Internet of Things has become a priority for...Read more

Explaining the Architecture of the Internet of Things

“Ecosystem” is a term commonly used to describe the architecture of a system, including peripheral components such as the motherboard.  But what components, specifically, are included in the IoT...Read more

IoT, Fog Computing and Real-time Transportation Management

  How can the Internet of Things assist in dramatically improving transport across the world? Let's take a look at fleet management, and how fog computing can reduce inefficiencies at scale....Read more

Industrial Performance Optimization (IPO)

Let's talk about IPO: Industrial Performance Optimization.    In Industry, the general goal of IPO is to achieve optimal performance on the factory floor. Metrics are gathered and then...Read more

Letter to our customers, partners, and iot advocates

Dear relayr customers and partners,   Now that a fantastic and very exciting year has come to a close, I want to extend my sincerest thanks for your unwavering support, update you on all that...Read more

What is the Digital Ceiling?

Cisco coined the term Digital Ceiling as part of its ever-expanding push into the IoT market. The Digital Ceiling means to use the plenum—i.e., the space in the ceiling where the wiring, cabling and...Read more

5 Ways that Smart Shelves Benefit Retailers

Intel says “The shelf has been with us for at least a couple of thousand years, and probably longer.” Now, it’s time for an upgrade…   For many years, retailers have used barcodes to track...Read more

IIoT and OEE in car manufacturing

  Industry Week defines OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as “How much right-first-time product did this machine produce compared to what it should have produced in the allocated...Read more

IoT and Predictive vs Preventive Maintenance

At an estimated $3.9 trillion dollars, Industry 4.0 / Manufacturing is widely recognized as the industry with the most to gain from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).   Industrial...Read more

How can we use IOT to make cities more energy efficient?

As more and more cities are integrating internet connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) into their planning, the term “smart city” is becoming more common. By connecting various systems in...Read more

The Future For Building Managers is with IoT

IoT offers building managers the tools they need to make their buildings more secure, more comfortable, more efficient, and more competitive.  IoT in buildings – “smart buildings” - focuses on...Read more

Smart Cities - 3 unique examples from around the globe

Cities looking to become smart cities are generally targeting the same goals: improve quality of life, attract tourism, reduce carbon footprint, improve and expand safety. Power and energy...Read more

IoT and Retrofitting - What Does it Mean for Buildings?

Deploying IoT to make a building “smart” can pose logistical challenges for facilities managers and architects.   New buildings will need to be built with IoT in mind, such as installing sensors...Read more

What The Transport Industry Needs to Prepare For

What you need to prepare for the year 2020.   The IoT may have as great an impact on transportation as the invention of shipping containers and overnight delivery.    Seismic shifts in...Read more

The Importance of Digitizing For Factory Optimization

Industry Week says the IoT is a game-changer because it provides component-level over batch-level visibility. That’s one use for the IoT on the factory floor; the other is to gather big...Read more

Introducing Fog Computing for Enterprises

Fog computing (a term coined by Cisco), also known as edge computing, earned the name because it works on the edge of the main cloud, it works in a little mini fog composed of sensors and devices...Read more

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Invest in Industry 4.0

 Representatives of McKinsey & Company recently interviewed two German manufacturing executives. Thanks to outdated thinking and insufficient knowledge, they feel several companies have not...Read more

The Fast and Easy Way to Build and Deploy an IIoT Solution

  Accenture conducted a survey and discovered that 93% of C-Suite executives in industrial companies had not created plans to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in their companies. For the...Read more

How to Control a Network Connected Light Panel

Working from the Ceiling Down In contrast to the age-old advice - work from the ground up - in smart building automation the easiest place to start is at the top. Lighting is going through a...Read more

Can Smart Shelves Prevent Empty Shelves?

Omni-channel retailing has the potential to create incredible gains for retailers. However, optimizing multiple retail channels without first optimizing the supply chain and being able...Read more

Retail Optimization Begins with Smart Shelves

In our last article, we discussed Omni-Channel Retailing and how connecting all of the channels can benefit retailers. Because 93% of all purchases in the US are still made in brick and mortar...Read more

What is Omni-Channel Retailing?

  Multi-channel retailing or Omni-channel retailing is the use of a variety of channels in a customer's shopping experience, including research before a purchase. Such channels include: Brick...Read more

Proto IoT Guide

We've put together a quick guide to get you started with our new, open-source Proto IoT Android app for fast Internet of Things protoyping.   When you first start the Proto...Read more

Introducing Proto IoT for Android

Welcome to Proto IoT, an open-source Android app for fast Internet of Things prototyping. Access sensor data easily and securely from anywhere with an internet connection. Add interactions and...Read more

How relayr powers Cisco’s Digital Ceiling

On February 18th, Cisco announced their exciting new Digital Ceiling ecosystem at Cisco Live Berlin. relayr is excited to be a founding software partner on this new initiative! The Cisco Digital...Read more

Unleashing Your Data from the Digital Ceiling with relayr

relayr is excited to be the first software partner in Cisco’s newly announced Digital Ceiling Ecosystem. With the digital revolution and widespread migration to network-powered smart LED systems...Read more

How to Make your Employees Digital Experts

...and increase the benefits of networking for them and for your organisation.   By empowering them to engage their online network you can kickstart the digital transformation of your...Read more

Intel Edison and the relayr Cloud

The Intel Edison is a tiny board-computer with a dual core, integrating WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 1 GB DDR and 4 GB flash memory. The 40 multiplexed GPIO pins and open source hardware allow rapid relayr...Read more

How to create a Virtual Device

Have you ever had an idea for a project, but never started it because you didn't have the necessary hardware on hand? With Virtual Devices we want to solve this problem. In this tutorial we will...Read more

Node.JS in relayr and ECMAScript6

For about a year now, we have transitioned and refactored most of our Node.js code base to ECMAScript6 from ES5.   What is EcmaScript you ask? ECMAScript is a subset of JavaScript. JavaScript is...Read more

Connecting the Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit

The Cross Domain Development Kit from Bosch is a prototyping platform from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions for the Internet of Things - it is packed with state-of-the-art sensors and comes...Read more

The IoT candle Software Tutorial

If your family is across the city, country or world this holiday season, you can keep track of one another (and when your candles are lit) on this interactive map.   There are two parts to this...Read more

The IoT candle Hardware Tutorial

This simple holiday project exemplifies how easy getting into the Internet of Things can be. With some inexpensive sensors and basic programming, we connected flame sensors to the internet and were...Read more

Art Meets Technology at openBerlin

Cisco's openBerlin Innovation Center is more than a state-of-the-art facility for development of technology. Cisco has teamed up relayr, and other partners, to make this facility into a collaborative...Read more

Adding External Sensors to the Weather Station

We recently introduced a simple weather station that measures humidity, temperature and light from a waterproof container. In this post we’d like to make things more interesting by adding external...Read more

Connecting a Raspberry Pi to the Cloud

This is an easy to make demo project that shows how to connect a simple sensor attached to a Raspberry Pi to the relayr cloud. It uses a digital temperature sensor, the very popular DS18B20, and two...Read more

Smart Weather Station Tutorial

Last week we gave you a little glimpse into the first stage of building a weather station - making your sensors waterproof so you can use them outside. Now we would like to provide some more...Read more

Eclipse Open Source IoT Projects to Watch

In the last years, the Eclipse Foundation is doubling down on their IoT efforts. They host some very interesting open-source projects, that are worth following.   The attraction for developers,...Read more

How To Waterproof a Sensor

We've started working on a weather station project and would like to give you a glimpse into the first step of building it - making your sensors waterproof!   Once a sensor is waterproof you are...Read more

MQTT Tutorial

Seeing your data in the dashboard is nice, but sometimes you need something different. If you have worked on other tutorials or developed with the cloud you probably noticed that we mainly use the...Read more

Developers and Engineers

DevNet coding camp Calgary: the drive for modernization in Alberta

Introduction relayr was invited by Cisco DevNet to participate in the Automation Coding Bootcamp in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) that took place between Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of January...Read more

Good documentation: More than just a common courtesy

This week we launched version 2.0 of the relayr Documentation Center. The site was in desperate need of an overhaul: the design didn’t match our branding guidelines, the content was purely...Read more