IoT Enables Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance can save a business lots of money. The idea of predictive maintenance goes against measures of preventive maintenance, which is what many enterprises have been utilizing up to this point. This concept revolves around the notion of performing maintenance before problems occur. It sets up a specific routine for most factory equipment and machinery, so one is constantly checking for issues and anomalies. It is time-consuming, expensive, and results in lots of wasted time and effort.


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Predictive maintenance works to determine the conditions of service equipment, and help manufacturers decide when maintenance should officially take place. Repairs and maintenance tasks are scheduled only when they are warranted, saving companies time, money, and loads of effort.


The IoT is a perfect tool for enabling predictive maintenance. Sensors are attached to manufacturing equipment, giving it the power of IoT-connection. The plant or factory in question then turns into a running network, where all machinery can be monitored on a remote basis. These sensors gather data about the machinery at a heightened speed. Factors like temperature, humidity, and other elements are regularly monitored, so anomalies are sensed before they turn into major problems. This keeps the factory running smoothly by preventing downtime and strengthening production rates.


Predictive maintenance often bases its findings on past repairs and service histories. Sensors gather new information and data regarding production, so if a certain part or function falls below standards, maintenance is scheduled to bring it back up to speed. This often results in the said machine incurring a period of shutdown; enough to bring about the necessary repairs, but never enough to warrant extended downtime or full production halts. Should a heavier pause in operations ever be required, it’s usually scheduled ahead of time to ensure workers are aware.





If you’re ready to give your business the boost it needs to stay functional and current, the relayr Smart Manufacturing solution provides you with the necessary tools. From the cloud to IoT sensors, relayr offers the most usable and up-to-date technology for your business operations.


One of the best ways to keep your enterprise in shape is to commission a customized dashboard that’s easy and readable for everyone. This places every worker on the same page, so no hiccups occur down the line. Our dashboards are based on widget architecture, to ensure data is gathered from multiple sensors. These sensors are attached to an industrial robot’s base rotation bearing, so all measures of your operating floor are monitored and stored simultaneously. This provides users with the best kind of predictive maintenance analysis and ensures problems are noticed quickly.


Additionally, relayr’s Smart Manufacturing solution is designed to manage all your data and forward it to the engineering managers, who can then analyze what actions may be required. relayr’s software also offers node-to-cloud connectivity and local cloud support, improving safety standards and allowing multiple devices to be supported through a single connection.



Predictive maintenance is the best solution for your business, so every aspect of your operation is thoroughly examined and given proper attention. Anomalies are captured in real-time, allowing manufacturers to fix problems before they expand any further. Predictive maintenance can thus save funds, energy, and ultimately, increase the lifetime of your machinery.


Download our FREE white paper on the topic!