Eclipse Open Source IoT Projects to Watch

In the last years, the Eclipse Foundation is doubling down on their IoT efforts. They host some very interesting open-source projects, that are worth following.


The attraction for developers, startups, big companies, and honestly anyone, is clear. All of their IoT projects are open-source, well maintained, and usually come with a wealth of examples.

The following is a list of projects I find particularly interesting. I am either actively looking into or currently using all of them.



  • Paho is an MQTT implementation. MQTT is the default Pub/Sub protocol in the IoT world. Widely used and extremely simple, it's usually the first step on any IoT platform. The Eclipse Foundation also provides a very famous server broker implementation, Mosquitto broker.
  • Californium and Leshan are CoAP implementations on Java and C. CoAP, as many of you already know, is a communication protocol running on UDP for power constrained devices. If your device doesn't need the Pub/Sub capabilities that MQTT provides, or is really low power, CoAP is likely the answer you are looking for.
  • Ponte is a bridge for IoT protocols HTTP, MQTT and CoAP. With Ponte you can publish and receive data in any of these protocols. You can also publish in different data formats like JSON, MsgPack, Byson, BSON, and XML.

    Ponte architecture image


Device management

  • Tiaki provides secure service discovery for IoT devices. It is no longer necessary to hardcode the address. They provide Java and C interfaces to their SDK. Very useful!
  • Vorto is an open-source tool to organize descriptions of IoT devices. You can write a device's description in their DSL and then export the description into json or any programming language snippet you need. They have a powerful exporter and a centralized server aggregating the descriptions of thousands of devices.
  • HawkBit provides a backend solution for rolling out software to your IoT devices. They place extreme emphasis on security, allowing options like releasing software updates in waves to measure successful updates or failures. When IoT devices are sold on the market, they can have a large life span. This kind of software update mechanism should be a priority for IoT companies.
    HawkBit image

Do you have your eye on any Eclipse projects? Let us know in the comments!