Creating Prototypes on Our Dashboard

At relayr, we make it easy for you to add devices to our cloud. Whether it is a Netatmo thermostat or homebrew Arduino project, we want to give you a place to easily aggregate and use your IoT data.





relayr supports tons of devices, from Photon Particles to smart ovens, but what do you do if you have a device that is not yet supported by our cloud? Maybe you are building a product on on top of a Raspberry Pi or even developing your own hardware. Well, instead of waiting until relayr creates an integration for your device, you can do it yourself.


We call them prototypes.


Widget showing temperature of your device prototype in the relayr dashboard
Widget showing temperature of your device prototype in the relayr dashboard


When you create a prototype, you are able to define all the technicalities, like what readings it can publish, the commands that can be sent to it or the configuration of the devices. Once you've got that, you can start using your device inside the relayr platform just like any other device and start getting data from it.


Once you are happy with your prototype, you might think that the relayr community could benefit from it and use it in their own projects. When that happens, you can publish it as a device model and it will be available for the whole platform. Before publishing it though, you have to fill up some information about this device model. You will have to give it a name, description, manufacturer details, some resources (like photos, icons, banners or videos), where the binaries, docs and code can be found.


Pretty great, huh?


Check it out on our developer dashboard. We hope you like it!