How relayr powers Cisco’s Digital Ceiling

On February 18th, Cisco announced their exciting new Digital Ceiling ecosystem at Cisco Live Berlin. relayr is excited to be a founding software partner on this new initiative! The Cisco Digital Ceiling enables the convergence of currently siloed building networks—lighting, heating and cooling, IP video, IoT sensors, and much more—through a secure and intelligent network platform.


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Why relayr is important to the Digital Ceiling initiative


John Baekelmans, CTO of the Internet of Everything Solutions Group at Cisco, during an interview with relayr's VP of Sales, Jens Mueller:


“Why relayr is very simple ... you have an ability to unleash all that data flowing into the ceiling, making it easier for people to take data out of the ceiling, create new applications, and also interact back with elements of the Digital Ceiling. That’s what you guys are there for, and what we can do with your capabilities”


Check out the full video interview here:

For more information on the Cisco Digital Ceiling Ecosystem, you can read John’s announcement or visit the Digital Ceiling Framework section on Cisco’s website.


Read more about  Cisco's Digital Ceiling