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Letter to our customers, partners, and iot advocates

Posted On 10 January 2017 By Josef Brunner In Business of IoT

Dear relayr customers and partners,

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What is the Digital Ceiling?

Posted On 5 January 2017 By Jackson Bond In Internet of Things

Cisco coined the term Digital Ceiling as part of its ever-expanding push into the IoT market. The Digital Ceiling means to use the plenum—i.e.,...

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5 Ways that Smart Shelves Benefit Retailers

Posted On 23 December 2016 By Jackson Bond In Internet of Things, Business of IoT

Intel points out that “The shelf has been with us for at least a couple of thousand years, and probably longer.” So it’s time for an upgrade.

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IIoT and OEE in car manufacturing

Posted On 20 December 2016 By Jackson Bond In Business of IoT, IIoT


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IoT and Predictive vs Preventive Maintenance

Posted On 14 December 2016 By Jackson Bond In Engineering, IIoT

Here we look at the difference between predictive and preventive maintenance and use an industrial case study to illustrate the point.

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