How to Control a Network Connected Light Panel Through the Cloud

Posted On 1 July 2016 By Trista In Business of IoT, Engineering

Working from the Ceiling Down

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Can Smart Shelves Prevent Empty Shelves?

Posted On 7 June 2016 By Ida In Business of IoT

Omni-channel retailing has the potential to create incredible gains for retailers. However, optimizing multiple retail channels without first...

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Retail Optimization Begins with Smart Shelves

Posted On 31 May 2016 By Ida In Business of IoT

In our last article, we discussed Omni-Channel Retailing and how connecting all of the channels can benefit retailers. Because 93% of all...

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What is Omni-Channel Retailing?

Posted On 26 May 2016 By Ida In Business of IoT


Multi-channel retailing or Omni-channel retailing is the use of a variety of channels in a customer's shopping experience, including research...

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Proto IoT Guide

Posted On 18 May 2016 By Klemen In Engineering

We've put together a quick guide to get you started with our new, open-source Proto IoT Android app for fast Internet of Things protoyping.

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